Hazpack - bespoke services to aid recovery/recyclingWaste on site is often not in the type of container or form that allows for the most cost effective or environmentally appropriate route to be used. Typically this is because:

  • The waste composition is unknown or unclear and as a result causes legal and safety issues
  • Wastes are mixed, preventing recovery and resulting in the disposal price to increase
  • The containers are not safe for transportation

Our services

Hazpack provides a "bespoke" mix of services to address the above issues and consequently reduce client cost whilst also eliminating potential areas for safety and pollution incidents. Key components of the Hazpack service are:

  • Mobile chemists
  • Waste sampling and analysis
  • Re-packaging and bulking of waste to allow for safe and cost effective transportation
  • Waste sortation to aid recovery/recycling.
  • On site material handling equipment to assist in the safe re-packaging of waste
  • Use of specialist containers
  • Emergency response cover available

productsWaste by definition is rarely simple and we specialise in providing solutions to problematic wastes. Please contact us for any enquiries/services not covered above.

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