Biological Treatment

Biological Treatment

Treatment of biodegradable waste via anerobic digestion with Combined Heat & Power (CHP) offers arguably the most cost effective and "green" option currently available for the treatment and recovery of suitable waste streams.

Key benefits

  • Cost effective relative to conventional disposal routes
  • Generation of methane to generate both electricity and waste heat for process heating. This significantly reduces the green house gas impact of the waste plus conserves fossil fuels
  • Generation of alternative fertilizer to reduce fossil fuel requirements in the manufacture of synthetic fertilizer

Our management team has extensive experience of working with major water companies in identifying routes to facilitate the digestion of waste and delivering practical environmental and financial benefits to our clients.

Keys to this are:

  • Preparing the waste for digestion. This can range from effectively depackaging the waste, to chemically adjusting the waste to promote effective digestion.
  • Developing robust process simulation and testing protocols to reassure sewage treatment undertakers that methane will be produced without any adverse impact on the complex eco-systems operating within modern STW’s.

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