Energy From Waste

Energy From Waste

The recovery of Energy From Waste offers the most effective way to reduce environmental and financial impacts of waste that are not easily recycled or recovered. There are a number of routes/technologies currently available depending on the following factors:

  • Waste type e.g. biodegradable or non-biodegradable
  • Waste form e.g. solid versus liquid
  • Production location
  • Client environmental policies i.e. tolerance of: incineration, partial landfill, zero landfill/incineration

Assessing your potential

We offer a mix of services that will assess your waste streams and their potential for energy recovery. Typically a carbon footprint audit will be carried out and a plan will then be jointly agreed to prepare the waste to make it suitable for the most appropriate energy recovery strategy.

Available technologies include:

  • Anaerobic digestion for bio-degradable food and chemical wastes to generate Combined Heat and Power
  • Gasification via pyrolysis to generate Combined Heat and Power.
  • Waste incineration with energy recovery
  • Thermal desorption of oily sludge’s to recover volatile hydrocarbons and pre-treat material prior to land fill.

Carbon off-setting of unrecovered carbon is also offered.

Waste by definition is rarely simple and we specialise in providing solutions to problematic wastes. Please contact us for any enquiries/services not covered above.

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